Think © Reinier Gerritsen

from the series Wall Street Stop © Reinier Gerritsen

from the series The Last Book © Reinier Gerritsen

Wall Street Stop 7 © Reinier Gerritsen



Julie Saul Gallery presents Reinier Gerritsen in the group exhibition 'Metro'

Julie Saul Gallery
Julie Saul Gallery, New York, NY, United States

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Julie Saul Gallery presents the group exhibition 'Metro' with works by Dutch photographer Reinier Gerritsen, Adam Magyar and David Molander from February 27 until April 19, 2014. 

The dynamic urban environment and its occupants are the common thread in this three-person show comprised of high-tech digitally composed photographs and videos. Each artist has utilized new technologies as well as commercially available equipment to fabricate his compositions in unconventional ways. The emotional range is wide, from cool observation to an instinctive experience of individuals and architecture pressing in on the viewer.

In Dutch photographer Reinier Gerritsen’s (born in 1950) portraits at the Wall Street subway stop in New York City, the compression of the bodies and expressions of the individuals emphasize the diverse humanity we experience on mass transit. He photographs with a burst of exposures, as used in sports photography, capturing many images in rapid succession. Next, he uses Photoshop to re-combine the figures, selecting each individual’s expression and gesture to create the most layered story. The finished images often express introspection maintained in a public environment. Gerritsen has continued this group portrait project in a tightly themed series of people reading on the subway entitled The Last Book, which will be published by Aperture in fall of 2014.

Communicating a visceral experience of urbanity, lived and observed, the three European artists in this group exhibition explore the limitations of human sensory perception, depicting the terrors and splendors of a brave new world.

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