Rachel de Joode in Exhibition at Martos Gallery in NY

Martos Gallery NY
Martos Gallery, West 29th Street, New York City, New York, Verenigde Staten

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From November 7 until December 19, Rachel de Joode is part of the exhibition “Touch-Tone,” at the Martos Gallery in New York. 

About the Exhibition

Through their work, de Joode, Steciw and Wilson examine how the viewer systemizes, perceives and absorbs visual culture in the persistently shifting modes of media today. Whether they record in the studio, appropriate via the internet or shoot in the wilderness, each artist begins their process with a photograph. Through subtle interventions or aggressive manipulations, these photographs are fragmented, de-constructed, sewn back together, skewed, fractured, crumpled and stretched. Consequently, each image is re-imagined, endowing its content with new physical and contextual form, creating and dissipating narratives, and ultimately altering our notions of reality.

Rachel De Joode, Contiguity I, 2015

Rachel de Joode

Netherlands-born Rachel de Joode lives and works in Berlin, Germany. De Joode studied time-based arts at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and now works mostly in sculpture and photography. A central interest of De Joode’s is the play between the physical and the virtual world. In her work she tries to explore the relationship between the three-dimensional object and its two-dimensional representation. Her work is a constant play between surface, meaning, and materiality. In her recent photo-sculptures, the materiality and agency of the “human surface” (i.e. skin) plays a central role. 

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