Free Screening of “Nada’s Revolution” at Tribeca Film Center

Tribeca Film Center
Tribeca Film Center, Greenwich Street, New York City, New York, Verenigde Staten

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This weekend, December 6, 2:30 PM, enjoy a free screening of Claudia Lisboa’s film “Nada’s Revolution” at the Tribeca Film Center. 

About “Nada’s Revolution”

A coming of age story in the wake of the Arab Spring, “Nada’s Revolution” is an intimate portrait of a young, post-revolution Egyptian woman fighting for her freedom and independence in a society caught between old traditions and modernization. Nada’s religious family is not happy with the fact that she is nearly thirty and still unmarried. When Nada does fall in love and feels ready to marry, she is confronted with the same problems her own mother had to deal with. “We wanted to change the country and make it a better place for us women too. Little did we know how difficult it would be.”

About Claudia Lisboa

Coming from a medical family, both her mother and father hold medical degrees, it was only expected Claudia Lisboa would follow the same path. In her third year of Med School, however, Lisboa discovered that she was not so much interested in patients’ case histories, but in the stories of these patients lives. Thus, she quit Med School and began working in the film industry as a production assistant to Brazilian director Carlos Alberto Prates Correa.

After graduating from the Faculty of Letters at the Federal University of Minas Gerais Lisboa relocated to Stockholm, Sweden, where she started developing independent art and film projects for both primary and secondary schools, writing and directing short films. She participated in a few art exhibitions, directed a number of commercials and made 11 films – short fiction and feature documentaries. She is currently based in Amsterdam. 

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