Dafne Holtland (Courtesy of the Artist

Margriet Planting (Courtesy of the Artist

Sabien Bosselaar (Courtesy of the Artist



Zazí Comes to the States

Joshua Tree Festival
Joshua Tree, CA, United States

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Dafne Holtland, Margriet Planting en Sabien Bosselaar, better known as the musical trio Zazí, will start their tour through the United States at the end of September. On September 23rd & 25th they will have a performance on Whidbey Island, Seattle, followed by Armando's in Martinez California on October 2. They will close their tour on October 9 at the Joshua Tree festival.

About Zazí

Zazí is an exciting band of three female musicians from the Netherlands. Their repertoire consists of songs from around the world, which are often sung in close harmony. Their arrangements range from well-known songs of famous musicians such as Piaff Edith, Jacques Brel, and Astor Piazzolla, to popular singers in the Netherlands.

A friend in Paris introduced the three musicians to one another in early spring 2006. That same evening, they studied a French drinking song and brought it to the stairs of the Sacre Coeur to sing. After a long interval they were again reintroduced in September 2009 by that same friend to join with a number of tango musicians to create music for a video clip.

Their combination of instruments (cello, piano and accordion) provided a unique lineup for implementing the French chanson. They wrote under the name "La Gaîté" (the joy) for the Concours de la Chanson Alliance Française in 2009 and won first place in the competition. The jury described the trio as "fresh, fun, humorous and also great musicians." After this victory, they decided to continue their music and started writing more original songs, performing throughout the Netherlands. 


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