Total Verhoeven at Lincoln Center

The Walter Reade Theater
165 West 65th Street, New York, NY, United States

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From November 9 until November 23, the Film Society Lincoln Center organizes 'Total Verhoeven', a retrospective of the complete work of Dutch director Paul Verhoeven, including screening a sneak preview of his new movie 'Elle'. On November 15 and 16, Verhoeven will even be there in person in order to answer questions from the audience and to introduce some of his works. Few contemporary directors have inspired more debate than Paul Verhoeven, whose smartly entertaining films push the boundaries of sex, violence, and accepted good taste to daringly subversive ends. After a string of groundbreaking works in the Netherlands, Verhoeven eventually found his way to Hollywood, where he lent his complex, morally ambiguous worldview and facility for action spectacle to some of the most fascinating, and often controversial, studio films of the eighties and nineties. As an ironist who frequently works in so-called 'disreputable' genres; science fiction, erotic thriller, melodrama, he combines a formal mastery with a satirist’s sensibility, delivering visceral thrills alongside provocative critiques of capitalism, militarism, and masculinity. Total Verhoeven will start off on November 9 by screening a sneak preview of the director’s latest film Elle, starring Isabelle Huppert. Highlights of the retrospective include Verhoeven’s early Dutch films, rarely shown in the U.S. and all on 35mm, from his first feature, Business Is Business, to the last film he made before coming to Hollywood, The 4th Man; a 4K restoration of the uncut version of RoboCop,  Basic Instinct and Showgirls, as well as his early short films, each centered around youths in school, which foreshadow the themes he would explore throughout his career: female dominance, technology, and war.

Verhoeven will appear in person, participating in Q&As after screenings of RoboCop on November 15 and his second Dutch feature, Turkish Delight, on November 16. Additionally, he will introduce Starship Troopers on November 15 and Showgirls on November 16.

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Elle (2016)

November 9 (6:30 PM)

Basic Instinct (1992) 

November 9 (9:15 PM), November 15 (3:45 PM), and November 19 (6:45 PM)

Black Book (2006)

November 14 (3:00 PM) and November 18 (6:15 PM) 

Business Is Business (1971)

November 10 (7:00 PM) and November 13 (6:30 PM)

The 4th Man (1983)

November 10 (9:15 PM) and November 13 (4:15 PM)

Flesh + Blood (1985)

November 12 (1:30 PM) and November 20 (3:30 PM)

Hollow Man (2000)

November 18 (9:15 PM) and November 20 (8:30 PM) 

Katie Tippel (1975)

November 13 (8:30 PM) and November 16 (4:00 PM) 

RoboCop (1987)

November 11 (7:00 PM), November 15 (6:30 PM + Q&A with Paul Verhoeven), November 17 (4:00 PM), and November 22 (9:30 PM)

Showgirls (1995)

November 11 (4:15 PM), November 12 (9:00 PM), November 16 (9:15 PM with an introduction by Paul Verhoeven), and November 18 (3:30 PM) 

Soldier of Orange (1977) 

November 22 (6:30 PM) and November 23 (3:00 PM)

Spetters (1980)

November 10 (4:30 PM) and November 12 (4:00 PM)

Starship Troopers (1997)

November 11 (9:00 PM), November 15 (9:15 PM with an introduction by Paul Verhoeven), and November 19 (9:30 PM)

Total Recall (1990)

November 12 (6:30 PM) and November 19 (2:00 PM)

Tricked (2011)

November 20 (2:00 PM) and November 22 (5:00 PM)

Turkish Delight (1973)

November 13 (2:00 PM) and November 16 (6:30 PM + Q&A with Paul Verhoeven)

On November 19 (4:30 PM) and November 20 (6:00 PM), the Film Society Lincoln Center will present a Shorts Program, featuring five short films, made by Paul Verhoeven before his first feature. The films center around youth and school life, and provide a glimpse into the director's early fascinations with female dominance, technology, and war. 

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