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Mr. Frog and The Day My Father Became a Bush at New York International Children’s Film Festival

New York International Chidren's Film Festival
225 Broadway, New York, NY, United States

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4 Weekends. 100 Films. 30 Countries. From February 24th to March 19th, the New York International Children’s Film Festival presents the best new films from around the world for ages 3-18. The festival includes countless premieres, filmmaker Q&As, workshops, parties and special preview screenings for children and families. The experience cultivates an appreciation for the arts, encourages active, discerning viewing, and stimulates lively discussion among peers, families, and the film community. This year, two Dutch films will be premiering - "The Day My Father Became a Bush" by Nicole van Kilsdonk and "Mr. Frog" by Anna van der Heide.

Visit for the complete lineup and tickets and use the code 17NETHERLANDS when ordering online to receive $2 off of each ticket. 

About "The Day My Father Became a Bush"

Ten-year-old Toda lives in a bakery with her dad, the best pastry chef in town. Toda knows everything there is to know about cakes and pastries and loves it when her dad plays the trumpet. But one day, everything changes: her dad is called away unexpectedly to defend his country. Toda has to undertake an adventurous and challenging journey to the unknown neighboring country where her mother lives in order to stay safe. On the way she meets strange people, encounters absurd situations and finds a special new friend. Toda is a bright, optimistic and resilient girl who doesn’t give up easily, but will she eventually find her mum? The film is directed by Nicole van Kilsdonk and based on the book by award-winning author Joke van Leeuwen.

Mr. Frog

Paul van Loon’s bestselling novel comes to life in this film by Anna van der HeideA normal class, ordinary children and a regular master. Or not? The life of the children in the class of teacher Frans is completely upside down when they discover that their teacher sometimes turns into a frog. Sita, a girl who loves amphibians, is so fond of her teacher that she wants to protect him at all cost from other dangerous animals.The problem is that the school’s principal turns into a stork who likes to eat frogs! The students will do anything to protect their teacher in this hilarious and heartwarming fantasy. 

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