Tokyo Trial - Courtesy of the artist

Tokyo Trial - Courtesy of the artist



"Tokyo Trial" nominated for International Emmy Award

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Historical drama "Tokyo Trial" by Pieter Verhoeff is nominated for an International Emmy Award in the category TV Movie/Mini-Series. 

Tokyo Trial - Courtesy of the artist

"Tokyo Trial"

At the end of 1945, Bert Roling (Michael Hensema), judge and professor, takes his seat on the Tokyo Tribunal. 'The International Military Tribunal for the Far East' is the Japanese version of the German Nuremburg Trials, where war criminals were tried after the Second World War. 

He departs the Netherlands with the idea that they will "finally teach those Japs a lesson", but reality turns out to be more complicated. Through political interference, conspiring colleagues and conflicting legal opinions, tensions rise amongst the group of eleven international judges. Despite being the youngest and least experienced of the group, the headstrong Rolling comes in conflict with the majority of his colleagues during the trial. Only with the dissident judge Pal (Irffan Khan) does he find support. 

As the tribunal threatens to derail, Roling is filled with doubt: should he align himself with the majority, and give in to international pressure, or follow his conscience as an independent judge?



  • Tim Ahern as Myron C. Cramer
  • Paul Freeman as William D. Patrick
  • Serge Hazanavicius as Henri Bernard
  • Marcel Hensema as Bert V.A. Röling
  • Jonathan Hyde as President Sir William Webb
  • Irrfan Khan as Radhabinod Pal
  • Stephen McHattie as Edward Stuart McDougall
  • David Tse as Mei Ju-ao
  • Julian Wadham as Erima H. Northcroft
  • Bert Matias as Colonel Delfín Jaranilla
  • Kestutis Stasys Jakstas as General I.M. Zaryanov
  • William Hope as John P. Higgins

Other cast

  • Stacy Keach as the narrator
  • Michael Ironside as General Douglas MacArthur
  • Hadewych Minis as Eta Harich-Schneider
  • Shinya Tsukamoto as Michio Takeyama


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