Vertical Cities. Courtesy of M&H

Vertical Cities. Courtesy of M&H

Vertical Cities. Courtesy of M&H



Exhibtion "Vertical Cities" at Architecture Gallery, Yale Univerisity

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From November 30, 2017, through February 3, 2018, Yale School of Architecture will host the exhibition "Vertical Cities" by Rotterdam-based M&H Travelling Exhibitions

About the exhibition

"Vertical Cities Expo: the tallest, the dreamed of and the unimaginable!"

Today’s biggest cities are growing, not only out but also up, as ever-taller buildings pull the spaces of urban life indoors. This exhibition, curated and designed by M&H Travelling Exhibitions, gathers over 200 scale models (1:1000 )of the world’s tallest and most famous skyscrapers, including avant-garde and speculative works such as Tatlin’s Monument to the Third International, Frank Lloyd Wright’s “The Illinois,” and Buckminster Fuller’s Cloud Nine. Would you want to live in a vertical city? What would be the views from up there? Am I in heaven now? The more you look, the more you will discover.

About the organisation

M&aH Travelling Exhibitions is a Rotterdam based company that is famous for its ingenious expos on Dutch design. Their exhibitions on Rietveld, Bruna and Vertical Cities travel around the world to museums and universities.

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