After the rehearsal / persona. Photo by Jan Versweyveld. Courtesy of Toneelgroep Amsterdam



Toneelgroep Amsterdam directed by Ivo van Hove performs "after the rehearsal / persona" in Washington, DC

The Kennedy Center
2700 F Street Northwest, Washington, D.C., DC 20566, USA

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On April 19 through April 22, 2018, Toneelgroep Amsterdam directed by Ivo van Hove will be performing "after the rehearsal / persona" at The Kennedy Center. This theatrical double-bill delving into the messy lives of theater artists features searing performances to match the layered psychological drama of Bergman’s texts. 

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About the play

After the rehearsal

Hendrik Vogler is directing his fifth production of Strindberg’s A Dream Play. On the empty stage after a rehearsal, he meets the young, ambitious actress Anna, who is playing the lead in his latest production. They talk about the play, about life and the central role that deception can play in it. Hendrik recalls memories of Anna’s late mother Rachel, with whom he had an adulterous affair. She too was an actress, undermined by alcohol and fear of failure. She appears on the stage as a ghost from the past and confronts Hendrik with his cowardice and half-heartedness during their years together. Anna tells Hendrik that she is pregnant and wants to give up her part in the play. After his indignant response, she confesses that she has had an abortion and that she was only testing him. They fantasize about starting a relationship and sharing a life together.


Elisabeth Vogler, a celebrated actress, stops talking in the middle of a performance and withdraws into silence. Alma, a young nurse, accompanies her to a summer house on a deserted island and attempts to coax Elisabeth back to life by provoking a response and inviting her to open up and speak for herself. Tension builds between the two women. In her efforts to save Elisabeth, Alma loses her own innocence and realizes that she too is manipulating and feeding off the life and the feelings of this other woman.

About Ivo van Hove

Belgian-born Ivo van Hove has been the director of Toneelgroep Amsterdam since 2001. He is known for taking classics and reinventing them for today’s world. For Van Hove, this means figuring out what will be most meaningful for the audience. His version of "A View From the Bridge" strips the play of its 1950s details in order to give the story a timeless quality. The stage is nearly empty. Characters go barefoot and wear neutral, modern clothing. Van Hove uses modern music and dramatic lighting to create the mood of the play and to reveal the emotions at the center of the story. "Ivo van Hove's work has been groundbreaking in opening up audiences' understanding of classic texts and films. His work is unique, raw, shocking, surprising, hilarious – everything you want theater to be – and he doesn't shy away from the ugly or the profane. In a word, stunning, with a capital ‘S’." - Cate Blanchett

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