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Dutch Culture in the U.S.A.

The United States of America is one of the focus countries in the Netherlands’ International cultural policy. Its scale, culture and leading global position make the country attractive for Dutch culture makers from all genres and disciplines. Following Germany, the U.S. is the second largest export country for Dutch arts and culture.

Who we are

Dutch arts, culture and shared cultural heritage are represented in the U.S. through the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Washington, DC, and the Consulates General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, New York, and San Francisco. Headquarters for cultural services is the Press and Cultural Affairs Department of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York. Monique Ruhe, Cultural Attaché for the Netherlands to the U.S., heads this department, which further consists of Robert Kloos, Deputy Head and responsible for Visual Arts, Architecture and Design; Noah Waxman, Senior Policy Officer and responsible for performing arts, film, literature; and Shomara Roosblad, Senior Cultural Officer and responsible for shared cultural heritage and old masters.

Policy framework

The Consulate General in New York carries out the International Cultural Policy of the Netherlands, under the joint direction of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. To implement this policy strategically and effectively in the U.S., the Consulate General adheres to a 2021-2024 multiyear strategic plan. For the coming years, the goals are to strengthen the position of the Dutch cultural sector in the U.S. through visibility, exchange and sustainable cooperation, and to support the bilateral relationship between the Netherlands and the U.S. through Dutch cultural activities in the U.S.


The Consulate General works in all arts disciplines, but differentiates between proactive and reactive disciplines. Priority is given to the following disciplines in which the Consulate works proactively: design (including jewelry and fashion design), film, literature, performing arts (theater, live music and content for young audiences), photography, shared cultural heritage, and visual arts. Lesser priority is given to the following disciplines in which the Consulate works re-actively: architecture, dance, digital culture / gaming, electronic dance music, old masters, and tangible heritage.

Regional dispersion

Traditionally, many Dutch cultural projects in the U.S. take place in the New York City metropolitan area, followed by larger cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Miami. The Consulate focuses on these cities, but also strives for a national approach, and gives special attention to secondary and upcoming cities in the U.S. with growing art centers and important venues. This includes–but is not limited to–cities such as Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Nashville, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. The shared cultural heritage work focuses mostly on New York State and the Midwest.

What The Consulate General of the Netherlands Does

The Consulate General serves as an intermediary between the Dutch and American art worlds, by promoting Dutch arts, culture and shared cultural heritage in the U.S., and by encouraging and facilitating cultural cooperation and exchange. More specifically, the Consulate General:
* Informs American cultural institutions (including art fairs, biennials, galleries, festivals, museums, nonprofit art centers, theaters, etc.) and professionals (curators, programmers, educators, publishers, producers, distributors, policy makers, agents, press, etc.) about Dutch cultural activities in the U.S. and developments in the Dutch art and cultural world
* Informs Dutch cultural professionals and institutions (in particular the government, government agencies, arts councils, cultural funds, and national institutes) about developments in the American art and cultural world
* Advises American cultural professionals and institutions who wish to program Dutch art and cultural activities and projects, and point the way towards Dutch funding opportunities
* Advises the Dutch government and cultural funds regarding the quality of American venues
* Provides networking opportunities for Dutch art professionals and the American counterparts
* Provides limited amounts of funding for qualified Dutch cultural projects in the U.S.
* Promotes Dutch activities and projects in the U.S. via the DutchCultureUSA website and social media platforms, and aligns these efforts with American arts organizations and press that provide a platform for Dutch talent

What The Consulate General of the Netherlands Doesn’t Do

* It does not organize any projects itself, including, but not limited to: exhibitions, concerts, performances, lectures, screenings, etc.
* It cannot support Dutch organizations seeking support for projects in the U.S. that do not have an American host, presenter or co-organizing partner
* It cannot act as agents for Dutch individuals in the U.S. This includes, but is not limited to: intervention in contract negotiations, booking concerts and exhibitions or other activities, and other work that professionals (either Dutch or American) can and should take care of. These rules also apply to American individuals seeking exposure in the Netherlands
* In principle it does not act as an intermediary for American institutions that look for a presence in the Netherlands, however, it may be able to provide advice and refer to others that can provide service on this front
* It does not support amateur projects and activities. Projects should entail the work of professional artists and performers that have been active for at least three years, or that are master/post-graduate students at Dutch academies or universities. If Dutch guest-programmers or curators are involved, they must have been professionally active for at least three years
* It never covers more than 50% of the cost of Dutch projects in the U.S. (see application guidelines)

Website and social media

The Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York manages various online pages under the name DutchCultureUSA, including a website, a Facebook page, a Twitter page, and an Instagram page. If you are planning a Dutch project in the U.S. that you would like us to feature, please send materials (text and copyright free hi-res images with proper acknowledgement and credit info) to nyc-pcz@minbuza.nl.

Contact information

* General inquiries and mail for Cultural Attache Monique Ruhe: nyc-pcz@minbuza.nl
* Visual Arts, Architecture & Design: Robert Kloos, robert.kloos@minbuza.nl
* Performing Arts, Film, Literature: Noah Waxman, noah.waxman@minbuza.nl
* Shared Cultural Heritage, Old Masters: Shomara Roosblad, shomara.roosblad@minbuza.nl



NameMonique Ruhe

FunctionCultural Attaché Head of Cultural Affairs

NameRobert Kloos

FunctionDeputy Head for Culture. Director for Visual Arts, Architecture and Design.

NameShomara Roosblad

FunctionSenior Cultural Officer Cultural Department. Cultural Heritage, Dutch Old Masters (From February 1, 2023)

NameNoah Waxman

FunctionSenior Policy Officer. Film, Literature, Performing Arts

Our offices

New York

dutchcultureusa.com is provided by the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York.

Feel free to contact us or contact the editors directly via:

Consulate General of the Netherlands 666 Third Avenue, 19th floor New York, NY 10017 Tel.: 646-557-2208 Email: nyc-pcz@minbuza.nl

To submit events for the Dutch Culture USA website please email nyc-pcz@minbuza.nl.

Ms. Monique Ruhe, Cultural Attaché of the Netherlands to the US. Head of Press and Cultural Affairs New York

Mr. Robert Kloos, Deputy Head of Press and Cultural Affairs. Director for Visual Arts, Architecture and Design

Mr. Noah Waxman, Senior Policy Officer Cultural Department. Performing Arts, Film, Literature

Ms. Shomara Roosblad, Senior Cultural Officer Cultural Department. Shared Cultural Heritage and Old Masters


Washington, DC

The Royal Netherlands Embassy 4200 Linnean Avenue N.W. Washington, DC 20008 Tel.: +1-202-274-2633 Fax: +1-202-537-5124 Email: was-ppc@minbuza.nl

Mr. Ron Linker, Counselor Public Diplomacy, Press and Cultural Department Mr. Wilfred Hulzebosch, Deputy Head Public Diplomacy Ms. Carla Bundy, Press Officer Mr. Jeffrey Allanach, Editor Ms. Annet Awendo, Events and Support

San Francisco

Consulate General of the Netherlands One Montgomery Street, Suite 3100 San Francisco, CA 94104 Tel.: +1-415-291-2075 Fax: +1-415-291-2049 Email: sfn-pcc@minbuza.nl

Mr. Sietze Vermeulen, Senior Communications Officer


Consulate General of the Netherlands 303 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 2900 Chicago, IL 60601 Tel.: +1-312-856-0110 ext. 517 Fax: +1-312-856-9218 Email: chi-pcz@minbuza.nl

Ms. Andrea van der Grinten


Consulate General of the Netherlands 701 Brickell Ave, Suite 500 Miami, FL 33131 Tel.: +1-786-866-0482 Fax: +1-786-866-0498 Email: mia-pcz@minbuza.nl

Mr. Luuk Nijman, Deputy Consul General


Consulate General of the Netherlands 1175 Peachtree Street NE, 100 Colony Square, Suite 1550 Atlanta, GA 30361 Tel.: +1 404  903 24 48 Email: atl@minbuza.nl

Mr. Jaap Veerman, Consul General