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2016 public exhibit ‘Signs of Greatness: Albany Stories’

2016 public exhibit ‘Signs of Greatness: Albany Stories’ highlights Dutch Heritage

The New York State Museum, SUNY Central Administration, and the City of Albany launched the public and permanent exhibit ‘Signs of Greatness: Albany Stories’ on State Street on October 17. The exhibit features 11 interpretive panels highlighting the city’s rich heritage and telling stories of Albany’s settlement and development, trade and industry, and landmark social innovation, all wrought in historic streetscapes and noteworthy buildings over the last 400 years. The installation is the first phase in what will hopefully be the catalyst for citywide placement to showcase Albany’s rich history.

The longest continuously chartered city in the United States (1686), Albany’s existence as a community reaches back even deeper into the past to when today’s Capital City was the point of contact between the region’s Native peoples and the Dutch adventurers who first came in 1609.  

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