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Ambach & Rice announces closing; Dutch artists in final show ‘Sincerely,’

Ambach & Rice presents ‘Sincerely,’, the final exhibition of the L.A.-based gallery, including work by Alon Levin, Pablo Pijnappel, Karen Sargsyan and Ron van der Ende.

Ambach & Rice presents ‘Sincerely,‘ the 47th and final exhibition at the Los Angeles-based gallery. The group exhibition, including work by Dutch artists Alon Levin, Pablo Pijnappel, Karen Sargsyan and Ron van der Ende, is on view from October 11 until November 22. Other artists in the show are Grant Barnhart, Ellen Lesperance, Jeffry Mitchell, Abigail Reynolds, Martina Sauter and Eric Yahnker.

Says Charlie Kitchings, the gallery founder, about the closing of Ambach & Rice: “Currently there are realities within the art world that I cannot transcend within the existing gallery model. The evolution of art will be reliant upon a combination of existing strategies and new models. I’m committed to exploring new approaches with the same curiosity and enthusiasm that attracted met to the art in the first place.”

Art world glamour

Kitchings also said: “My friend owns a winery and once remarked that being a vintner is ultimately a glorified janitorial position, more time spent scrubbing vats than contemplating the complex notes of a Pinot Gris. Similarly, beneath the perceived glamour of the art world is a well of blood, sweat and tears, labor and toil rendered invisible within the immaculate confines of gallery walls. The art world is sustained by the uncompromising efforts of intrepid artists, dealers, collectors, critics, and curators. It has been an honor to get my hand dirty with all of you; the rewards have been immeasurable. Thank you.”

Ambach & Rice gallery was founded in 2009 by Charlie and Amanda Kitchings. Initially, the gallery was located at a former garage space in Ballard, on the northern edge of Seattle. In 2011 the gallery relocated to Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles. AMBACH & RICE will close its doors after the Sincerely, exhibition, at November 22.  




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