Among Us: Immersive Theater by Marike Splint

From September 22 until October 2, Marike Splint will bring her immersive theater experience ‘Among Us‘ to the Live Arts Exchange in Los Angeles, CA. 

About Among Us

AMONG US is an immersive sound experience about the human instinct to belong, about the tension between the individual and the community, and about what you are willing to give up to not be alone.
In AMONG US, the audience is the protagonist. Which (im)possible communities hide among you? What forms could your temporary unity take? Who do you share memories with? Who lives in a completely different world? Who clings to the group and who prefers to stand along the side?

AMONG US is an experience in two parts bookending your day. In the morning, you’ll meet at Union Station, where you are challenged to look at your surroundings in a different way. You’ll meet again the same day at sunset, in a secluded park in Downtown LA. Through a game of observation, dilemmas and choosing sides, your personal boundaries are questioned, and hidden social structures are gradually revealed.
Please note that this is a performance consisting of two parts on the same day: in the morning and at sunset.Make sure to arrange your schedule in a way that allows you to attend both parts.

About Marike Splint

Marike Splint is a Dutch director specializing in site-responsive and immersive theater. She has created shows in sites ranging from a bus driving through a transitional neighborhood to wide open meadows, taxicabs, train stations and hotel rooms. Her work has been presented in The Netherlands, Casablanca (Morocco), Tbilisi (Georgia), and at the Ruhrtriennial in Germany. AMONG US will be her Los Angeles premiere. Splint received her BA in philosophy from the University of Amsterdam and her MFA in directing from Columbia University. She is the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship and a Columbia University Merit Fellowship, and currently is a faculty member in the Theater Department of UCLA.

Tickets are $25 General Admission and $12.50 with LAX Festival Pass. You can order them HERE