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Andre Smits In Brooklyn & the Bronx

On November 11 and 19, “Artist In The World – Never Ending Art Trip” will be in the New York area.

Fuchs Projects in Brooklyn and Bruckner Arts in the Bronx are hosting the latest installation of Andre Smits, the creator of the project: “Artist In The World- Never Ending Art Trip“, with a collaboration of the artist Monika Dahlberg. Starting in 2008, Andre Smits has been travelling the world and photographing thousands of artists in their studios. The repetitive perspective he has been using for his documentation is the classic ‘Rückenfigur’ where the artist (subject) is seen from behind, facing his/her studio with artworks that are shown in the photograph. 

Courtesy of Andre Smints

Andre Smits will present the latest portion of the documentation of about 60 artists that were photographed in the past 4 weeks in New York, combined and interwoven with a special installation by Monika Dahlberg. The figures that are photographed from the back are inviting the viewer to enter and explore their universe, in a moment for contemplation. 

“The series of photos develops in an organic way, through networks of people,” says Andre Smits. “Meetings result in new contacts and new destinations. A decision is not made on the basis of a personal preference, vision or philosophy. Chance plays an important role. An open and diverse look at the art world.”

On November 11 from 6-9 pm you can see the installation at Fuchs Projects, and on November 19 from 5-8 pm Bruckner Arts will be hosting the project.

Artist in the World


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