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Apply now for International Summer Graphic Design Program in The Hague (6/22-7/12)

Apply now for International Summer Graphic Design Program in The Hague (6/22-7/12)

‘De Program’ is an intense three-week graphic design program (6/22-7/12), emphasizing individual and small group interaction with some of the best European designers and design offices. Based in the Netherlands, and led by Doug Kisor, Chair of Graphic Design at the College for Creative Studies, ‘De Program’ offers participants a new vantage point from which to see and understand design. Change what you see, change what you feel, and most importantly, change what you think. When you participate in ‘De Program’ you choose to place yourself in a new frame; you change your familiar.

One of the defining characteristics of graphic design in the Netherlands is the attitude of the designers. The best Dutch graphic designers, and there are many of them, absorb, filter and translate every nuance in the process of pushing the margins of user engagement. This is only possible in a society where design is so inexorably linked to the average citizen’s everyday.

Participants of ‘De Program’ have the unique opportunity to work on studio projects along side of internationally recognized Dutch designers; last year’s group worked with Bob Van Dijk and the partners of Koehorst in ‘t Veld.

As with past ‘De Programs’, the projects will be defined by the tutors and involve research, information gathering, idea generation and form making informed by the realities of working in another place and culture. Content, intent and fresh thinking will define the end solution/s. This year there will be two projects. The first project will be directed by Bob Van Dijk, designer, The Hague. The second project beginning on Wednesday July 3rd will be conducted by the team of Studio LUST based in The Hague.

Studio tours and individual work sessions are also part of the program. Individuals and offices from past years include: Barlock, Studio Dumbar, 75B, Ping Pong, Lava, Koehorst in ‘t Veld, Lesley Moore, SYB, Lava, Underware, Thonik, Luna Maurer, Mevis / Van Deursen, Karel Martens, Experimental Jetset, Richard Niessen, Esther de Vries, Peter Bil’ak as well as many others.

Application deadline is April 24. Click here for more info.

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