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Boudewijn Mohr Book Launches in US

Boudewijn Mohr, a former Wall Street Banker turned UNICEF official, has released a book about his experiences titled A Destiny in the Making: From Wall Street to UNICEF in Africa. Mohr will have a closed launch event at UNICEF on January 15th, but will be present at The Netherland Club on January 15th at 7:30 to present his book to the public.

A Destiny in the Making 

When the Wall Street banker takes the side of the indebted developing countries in his feature articles reviewing the impact of the global sovereign debt crisis of the 1980s in the Dutch daily NRC-Handelsblad, it is time to leave banking. He is attracted to Unicef ’s vision and goal of Health for All and its tireless pursuit of structural economic adjustment programmes with a human face. 

In Africa, Boudewijn Mohr jumps into Unicef’s hands-on work in the field.  He spearheads the clearing of landmines in Unicef project areas in Mozambique and engages with children throughout his travels on the continent.  Thus he can be found playing football with former child soldiers in Monrovia; touring Nouakchott with street children who show him the tricks of pickpocketing, or gate crashing a diamond mine that exploits child labor near Kenema in the rebel-infested east of Sierra Leone.

Boudewijn Mohr’s stories are both an adventure and the search of fulfillment but at the same time a call to all those who want to do more and are uncertain of what the world holds.


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