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Candy Dulfer Jazz Cruises in January

Candy Dulfer will perform at Blue Note at Sea & The Smooth Jazz Cruise From January to March 2019

_F_rom January 26 until February 2nd, Candy Dulfer will perform at the exquisite Blue Note At Sea. Immediately thereafter Dulfer will join The Smooth Jazz Cruise for a week of music and sunshine. Dulfer will also join The Smooth Jazz Cruise for a second time just two weeks later. Plenty of options to book your Jazz-filled cruise holiday now!

© Candy Dulfer

About Blue Note At Sea

Blue Note at Sea is the creation of the world’s #1 jazz record label, Blue Note Records, the most prolific jazz club company in the genre, Blue Note Jazz Clubs and the world leader in live jazz entertainment at sea, Entertainment Cruise Productions. In its 3rd season, Blue Note at Sea ’19 continues the mission to present “the NOW of JAZZ”, featuring performances, shows and events that capture the amazing world of jazz.

About The Smooth Jazz Cruise

Since 2004, The Smooth Jazz Cruise has set the standard for not only jazz cruises, but for all theme cruises.  As one of the longest continuously running cruise programs in the world The Smooth Jazz Cruise has provided well over 30,000 people with an amazing music cruise vacation as well as created life-changing relationships among guests, artists, and staff.

The Smooth Jazz Cruise, or as they prefer to call it, “The Greatest Party at Sea,” provides guests with a week away from the issues of the day and transports them to a place of true camaraderie, inclusion and respect.  The guests motivate the artists and musicians who, in turn, up their game, which moves the guests even more.  This spiral continues for 7 days and 7 nights resulting in a totally immersive music and cultural experience.

© Carin Verbruggen

Candy Dulfer

Candy Dulfer is a Dutch saxophonist, who has been performing since age seven and has been an international recording artist since age nineteen. She recorded and/or performed with many artists, like Prince, Mavis Staples, Lionel RichieBeyoncé, Pink Floyd, Aretha Franklin, Jimmy Cliff, Blondie, and others. Candy Dulfer’s 1990 solo debut album “Saxuality,” was sold over a million copies worldwide and nominated for a Grammy Award. She has been successful ever since and has performed all over the world

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