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Cecilia Vissers at Karthryn Markel

Cecilia Vissers will be part of a group exhibition from October 25 until December 1 at Kathryn Markel, New York

From October 25th until December 1st, 3 works by Cecilia Vissers will be on display at Kathryn Markel Gallery in New York, NY as part of a group exhibition called “Shaping.” 

Cecilia Vissers, Metal Block Print

Cecilia Vissers, “Metal block print #2, 56x76cm” (2017) 



In his essay The Shaper, Wallace Stevens referred to “constant shaping, as distinguished from constancy of shape”, asserting “the uninterrupted activity of shaping dissipates the possibility of an ultimate shape.”

This exhibition features six artists who are “shapers”, that is, engaged in the uninterrupted activity of shaping. They embrace the inherent uncertainty of the process, exploring tenuous relations and contrasts of medium, surface, color, and physicality. As individual artists, they share a strong affinity for the metaphoric potency of abstraction and the power of the charged object. In the diversity of their various investigations, their work conveys a rich range of approaches to this shared poetic impulse. Their constant conviction is to the necessity of giving shape.



Cecilia Vissers, “So Far” (2012) © Photography by Peter Cox 


Cecilia Vissers

Cecilia Vissers, in a career spanning more than three decades, has experimented widely with abstract and conceptual art practices. Working variously in metal sculpture, photography and printing techniques, Vissers’ art references the wild landscapes of Ireland and Scotland. Her employment of industrial materials and techniques, as well as her overarching approach to her art practice, have precedents in constructivism and minimalism.

Ceclia presents three works at this exhibition. Two metal block prints are part of a six-piece collection that are currently up for sale at inde/jacobs in Marfa, TX. All the works exhibited can also be found in Cecilia’s artbook “Flatness of Space,” which is available for purchase and published by Lecturis. The works exhibited are:

  • “So Far,” two-part, each part, 8,5x20x1,2cm, edition of 25, in linen-bound box with inscription, 2012, anodized aluminum
  • Metal block print #1, 56x76cm, ed. 7+1AP, metal block print on Somerset paper 300gr., 2017
  • Metal block print #2, 56x76cm, ed. 7+1AP, metal block print on Somerset paper 300gr., 2017
  • Also Cecilia’s book containing these three works: ‘Flatness in Space’ 2017, by Vilis Inde, Alistair Rider, and Cees de Boer (2017): Lecturis Publishing.  


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