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Christian Louboutin Façade In NY Designed By Metadecor

Dutch company Metadecor designed the façade for the Christian Louboutin on Madison

Dutch company MetaDecor realized this prestigious project which is commissioned by 212box. They designed the façade on the Christian Louboutin store on Madison Avenue. They have realized the unique panels themselves. Every part of the screen is laser cut metal, with the hand and folded by hand curved pieces which are carefully placed in order to create the effect of a wave. The transparency of all the screens changes over the whole façade, both vertically and horizontally, taking into account the residential view from the windows on the second floor. There are two types of panels used. The first and most complex of the panel consists of more than one hundred detachable elements which are hand- welded. After a white powder, the panel on one side was painted red, where the red color reflects in the gold rear. As material Metadecor used stainless steel. The second panel is from our MD Formatura line.  A unique hue is formed because the patches are all reacted with the hand.

The whole installiation was made by MD Formatura panels, which have punched pattern in it to catch shadow or create depth. With this technique an image can be created at the entire façade. Because of the variable openings the wind can be decelarated and the sunlight can be controlled to create a pleasant experience in the indoor climate. Every project has its own pattern: square, round, triangle, hexagon or any shape. MetaDecor designs and realizes every desired pattern together with the client, so that every façade with MD Formatura will be unique.

About Metadecor

Designing and realising transparent design façades is their passion. MetaDecor stands beside the architectural firms and/or their clients and contractors when engineering and creating their projects; by cladding façades with MD Expanded Metal MD Designperforation and MD Formatura. Get inspired by our realised projects. Interested in more? visit their website and if you’re luckily in the neighborhood you could visit their exposition in Kampen.


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