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Circus Family Installation featured in “Light” Expo at KANEKO

From Dec 5 – March 31, the Installation “TRIPH” will be part of the group exhibition “Light” at KANEKO in Nebraska

From December 5, 2017 through March 31. 2018, the Installation “TRIPH” by Circus Family will be part of the group exhibition “Light” at KANEKO in Nebraska.

This interactive installation consists of modular shapes containing programmable LED lights. The visualisation above consists of 2 shapes. Each shape is built with separate blocks. The shapes are made of wood, fabric and mirrors. Inside the interior of the shapes are controllable LED strips and sensors that measure movement.

The exhibition is FREE and OPEN to all public!

About the exhibition

“Light” is an interactive and visual art experience that explores art and science. Artists will employ glass, sculpture and light itself to showcase the sublime beauty that light evokes aesthetically and thematically. The public will glean insight into scientific issues such as vision and optics, physiology of light energy, sustainability, light pollution and conservation.

A large part of the exhibition is reliant on audience participation. Step inside an infinite abyss with Refik Anandol’s audiovisual installation. Interact and move through large geometric forms that change color, audio and intensity during an immersive light experience by Circus Family. Escape into a cocoon constructed of steel, wool, and found objects that absorbs you in a field of playable light by Taylor Dean Harris.

About Circus Family

Circus Family consists of a family of audiovisual designers with a passion for bringing challenging projects to life, using design, moving image, music and interactive technology. They specialise in the fields of fashion, music, sports and luxury. As well as commissioned work, for brands such as Nike and Tommy Hilfiger, and events including SXSW and New York Design Week, they love to create their own projects, just for the fun of it.

Founded in Amsterdam in 2004, the family started off making snowboarding films, and today, founder Wout Westen still brings his directorial talents to projects as diverse as documentary series “Pull Up” as well as highly visual installations for a wide range of events. Circus Family believes in merging design and technology to explore new territories, create powerful audiovisual experiences and tell stories worth telling.


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