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Dutch Animation ‘Bullet Time’ Wins NFMLA Award

Dutch animated short film Bullet Time won best short film, animated at the Newfilmmakers LA Best Of NFMLA Awards. The 6-minute film was written and directed by Frodo Kuipers. The awards celebrate the best of last year’s NFMLA program, which can be found here.

About NewFilmmakers Los Angeles

NFMLA’s core goal is to support, showcase and connect emerging filmmakers, and in doing so regularly aligns with strategic partners, including film schools, organizations and businesses, as well as the Los Angeles city government, and media partners. It also puts together panels, competitions, Q&A sessions, and additional educational and networking opportunities. The Los Angeles-based arts and culture non-profit organization works year round to highlight the important works of talented independent artists and hosts a monthly film festival for the public and for industry professionals, showcasing the innovative cinematic works of talented rising filmmakers. This is especially true through its InFocus program, which celebrates a multitude of quality works from distinct diverse communities, including Women, LGBTQ+, Asian, Latinx and Hispanic, African-American, Veterans, Native filmmakers and more, all of which make up the filmmaking
community and its audiences.

About Frodo Kuipers

Frodo Kuipers (1976) studied animation at the ABV Tilburg (NL) and at KASK Hogeschool Ghent (Belgium). In 2001 he graduated with great honours with his short ‘Antipoden’. This film won awards at several film festivals and was nominated for the selection of the Cartoon d’Or by Anima Brussels (B) in 2002. Frodo was an artist in residence at the NIAf (Netherlands Institute for Animation film) for almost 3 years, where he took part in numerous masterclasses and workshops by professionals like Michael Dudok de Wit, Paul Driessen, Normand Roger, Mark Baker, Daan Jippes, Piet Kroon, Konstantin Bronzit, Amanda Forbes and Wendy Tilby. He finished two films at the NIAf: ‘Street’ and ‘Shipwrecked’, which both were successful at international film festivals worldwide. ‘Shipwrecked’ was also noticed by ACME’s Ron Diamond and became a part of ACME’s Animation Show of Shows in 2006. In 2005 Frodo founded Studio Mosquito, where he focussed mainly on directing independent animation shorts, but he also animated a broad collection of commissioned work. In 2016 Frodo finished his latest short film ‘Bullet Time’ (Merlijn Passier Productions), which is currently in distribution and is selected at numerous international film festivals.

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