Dutch Culture USA & Burger Records team up for a compilation cassette of upcoming Dutch bands

In a throwback to the days when friends shared their favorite new bands by trading mixed tapes, Dutch Culture USA and Burger Records team up to share an unprecedented release: a compilation cassette of upcoming Dutch bands available just in time for this year’s SXSW festival.

Curated by Burger Records, the cassette features bands such as Mozes and the Firstborn, Jacco Gardner, Afterpartees and the Miseries. The compilation cassette will give the audience an incredible idea of what’s next on the Dutch music scene.

“We are extremely proud to partner with Burger Records on this project,” said Jan Kennis, the Dutch cultural attaché to the United States. “Burger has been an avid supporter of Dutch music for the last couple of years. The time was right to make a cassette that introduces these Dutch bands to the United States.” 

Sean Bohrman, co-owner of Burger Records, agreed. “The Dutch have always had a special place in our rock n roll hearts,” Bohrman said. “They’ve produced so many amazing bands over the years, bands that found a permanent home in our record collections. Golden Earring and Shocking Blue rocked us when we were kids, and Q65 and The Outsiders are rockin’ us now. Burger Records is honored to team up with DutchCultureUSA to introduce the world to the sounds coming out of the Netherlands today.”  

The Dutch bands featured on the cassette are Mozes and the Firstborn, Jacco Gardner, TraumahelikopterAfterpartees, Santa Fé, Earth MK II, Eerie Wanda, Long Life Heads, Mountain States, Nouveau Velo, Alamo Race Track, Palio SuperSpeed Donkey, Sofie Winterson, White Slice, The Miseries, ZzZ, Pauw, The Homesick, Lookapony, and No Waves & Sunrays.

Wolf Aartsen designed the artwork for the compilation cassette