Dutch Design Yearbook 2013 available in the US

Dutch Design Yearbook 2013 presents an attractive overview of more than 60 of the best spatial, product, fashion and graphic designs produced in the Netherlands in 2012–2013. It also looks into the crystal ball to predict which designs will change our surroundings in the future.

Ted Noten, ‘Trophy Helmet’, part of the 7 Necessities series, 2013. 

Dutch Design opens with critical essays re ecting on key current themes. Koert van Mensvoort examines the designer’s changing role and the qualities called for in the new branches of the profession, and Timo de Rijk moderates a round-table discussion between Tord Boontje, Paul Hekkert and Thomas Widdershoven on design education and its future. 

Edited by Timo de Rijk, Antoine Achten, Joost Alferink, Hans van de Markt. Text by Koert van Mensvoort, Louise Schouwenberg, Henk Oosterling. Published by NAi010 publishers, distribution in US through ARTBOOK | D.A.P.