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Folkert de Jong in Beautiful Beast exhibition at Wilkinson Gallery

Work by Dutch artist Folkert de Jong is on display at the Beautiful Beast exhibition at Wilkinson Gallery through March 8.

Beautiful Beast, a group exhibition at Wilkinson Gallery with 16 acclaimed sculptors, explores the relationship between beauty and abjection through the lens of the grotesque with works by Folkert de Jong (The Netherlands), Barry X Ball, Monica Cook, Gehard Demetz, Lesley Dill, Richard Dupont, Eric Fischl, Judy Fox, Elizabeth King, Mark Mennin, Evan Penny, Patricia Piccinini, Rona Pondick, Jeanne Silverthorne, Kiki Smith and Robert Taplin. Connected by their use of distortion to create fearless depictions of humanity, the work of Beautiful Beast runs the gamut of human emotion, often teetering towards the uncanny. Highlighting a wide range of work made over the past 20 years, the exhibition encompasses a variety of materials including foam, wood, steel and digital projections.

Curated by Peter Drake and organized by Elizabeth Hobson and on view from January 27 through March 8.

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