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Hyland Mather Curated Exhibit at Paradigm Gallery Philadelphia

Curated by Dutch artist Hyland Mather, traveling group exhibit “Direction/Instruction” will be on view until September 17 at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.

Curated by Dutch artist Hyland Mather, group exhibit “Direction/Instruction” will be on view until September 17 at Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia, PA.

“Direction/Instruction” is a traveling group exhibition showcasing an international group of artists who are focused on challenging uses of geometry, color, composition, text, form and ad hoc materials. Curated by Hyland Mather of Andenken Gallery, “Direction/Instruction” features artwork from Dutch artist Lennard Schuurmans, as well as Mather himself. 

This exhibition is not necessarily intended as a reaction to illustrative, narrative, and representational art forms, but at the same time – it definitely is. Most of the artists featured are active in the urban realm and bent in new directions of creating form when using the street as a venue for their work. In a gallery setting, they each deliver classically beautiful work that reminds and expands on ideas explored by fine art champs like Ellsworth Kelley, and Sol Lewitt.

About Hyland Mather

Hyland Mather, aka X-O, is both a street artist and gallery artist and also owns Andeken / Battalion Gallery in Amsterdam.

Mather summarizes his own work as follows: “I make stuff from junk. I pick up messes and try to make them into something I think looks good. I use the junk from the city, I use the stuff from the field, I use the bits in the forest, and the things in the trash. I hunt, I collect, I gather, but only what I need for the work, for the play. Color, shape, composition. Some lost stuff gets found again.”

About Paradigm Gallery

Established February 2010, Paradigm Gallery + Studio started as a project between co-founders and curators, Jason Chen and Sara McCorriston, to create a space in which to make artwork, to exhibit the work of their peers, and to invite the members of the local community make their own artwork in a welcoming gallery setting. Over the past five years, Paradigm Gallery + Studio has become a gallery of diverse contemporary artwork from around the world, but still with a focus on Philadelphia artists.

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