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Jennifer Tee’s | First Solo Exhibition | in North-America: | “Ether Plane~Material Plane”

From March 6 to June 8, Jennifer Tee’s first solo exhibition in the US will take place at ISCP New York

From March 6 to June 8, Jennifer Tee’s first solo exhibition in the US will take place at ISCP. The ISCP alumni’s ‘Ether Plane~Material Plane’ exhibition responds to current political upheaval and ensuing resistance, utilizing materials laden with cultural meaning. You can visit the exhibition Tuesday to Friday, noon to 6pm, and by appointment.


Ether Plane~Material Plane

Tee’s exhibition incorporates sculpture, performance, installation, and choreography into an immersive and interdependent environment. The centerpiece of Ether Plane~Material Plane is two newly commissioned display structures, designed to present the artist’s series of photographs that unite abstraction with the uncanny, alongside her ceramic ‘resist’ sculptures in the shape of spheres and swirls. Hand-knitted floor pieces that are crystalline in form with overlaid ceramics will intersect the space while acting as sites for performative events.

A stack of books is the kernel of the exhibition’s second installation. A Revolt chair designed by Friso Kramer will hold numerous books of fiction, memoir, and poetry published since 1850 that consider personal and social change from the position of resistance. Gathered by the artist in collaboration with poet Jane Lewty, a live reading in six languages of texts collaged from the collection of books will activate the opening reception.

A 30-page publication will accompany the exhibition, in an edition of 500, with a text by Karen Archey, Curator of Contemporary Art, Time-based Media, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and an introduction by Kari Conte.

Jennifer Tee, Ether Plane∼Material Plane (detail), 2018, wood, ceramic, eight photographs, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the International Studio & Curatorial Program.

Jennifer Tee

Jennifer Tee’s (1973) works comprise sculpture, installation, performance, photography, and collages, all with a wide-ranging underlying frame of reference. Of central importance is Tee’s interest in the in-between state of what she calls ‘the soul in limbo’. The soul in limbo is restless and alive, and caught in an unnamed place – a conceptual, mental, psychological, and physical space – on the border between the here and the possible.

Tee also researches contemporary life, with its cross-cultural identity and narratives, its instability and complexity, and its potential for the loss of identity, language, and kinship with original cultures. In addition, Tee explores various forms of utopian concepts of life and their potential for creating a new and more beautiful and soulful world. With her work, she encourages the contemplation of life’s fragile connections, evoking spiritual realms with active material experimentation. 



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