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Joep Beving Plays Three Concerts in the US

Composer and pianist Joep Beving will perform in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco

Contemporary classical music composer Joep Beving returns to the US this month.


March 21 – New York

8:00pm at le poisson rouge

March 24 – Los Angeles

8:00pm at the Masonic Lodge (Hollywood Forever)

March 25 – San Francisco

8:00pm at the Great American Music Hall


Joep Beving

At nearly six foot ten, with his wild hair and flowing beard, the Dutch pianist resembles a friendly giant from a book of children’s fairy tales. But his playing – understated, haunting, melancholic – marks him out as the gentlest of giants, his delicate melodies soothing the soul in these troubled times.

“The world is a hectic place right now,” says Joep. “I feel a deep urge to reconnect on a basic human level with people in general. Music as our universal language has the power to unite. Regardless of our cultural differences I believe we have an innate understanding of what it means to be human. We have our goosebumps to show for it.”

Joep’s music is the antidote to that hectic world of uncertainty and fear – a soundtrack for a kinder, more hopeful future; a score for the unmade film of lives yet to come. “It’s pretty emotional stuff,” agrees Joep. “I call it ‘simple music for complex emotions’. It’s music that enhances images, music that creates a space for the audience to fill in the gaps with their own imagination.”

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