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Jonny Detiger’s “Amplified Space” at Howl! Happening

From January 12 – February 9, Jonny Detiger’s exhibition will be at HOWL! Happening in New York

Howl! Happening is exhibiting artist and designer Jonny Detiger’s Amplified Space from January 12 until February 9. Detiger’s work celebrates life and joyfully bridges the gap between the mundane and the sublime. For this show at Howl!, Detiger constructs a colorful walk-in environment in constant flux where the viewer is invited to participate, interact, and influence their changing surroundings.

About Amplified Space

Amplified Space - Courtesy of Jonny Detiger

Resonating with Howl! Happening’s connection with the music scene and Allen Kaprow’s sense of communal play, Detiger’s exhibition and installation consists of three multicolored Plexiglas sculptural spaces that produce a complex pattern of constantly changing colors and shapes, as well as independent, interactive art works within these walls. Viewers may enter at different points in the installation and be enveloped by a kaleidoscope of optical and color combinations. These subtle nuances influence the perception and feeling of space—the “vibe” if you will—as the viewer actively participates in the variable nature of the work.

“I am an artist and designer who through my work have always explored the understanding and communication of the human condition of happiness,” says Detiger. “Using color, sound, smell and shape, I design living interactive art environments with the aim of heightening this positive state of mind.”

According to author and DJ Richard Fleming, Jonny Detiger creates environments and objects that engage at least four out of the five senses. There are things to look at, things which alter the light around us, things to touch and sit on, lots to listen to, and even things to smell, as when scented soap bubbles burst beside our ears. Detiger loves the element of surprise, and to engage fully with his work you must be willing to explore and risk that surprise. It’s something like a contract. You have to do more than look and pass by; his side of the bargain is that nothing unpleasant will happen to you if you engage. 

Focused on a comprehensive visual and aural immersive experience, the viewer becomes an integral partner in the creation of the work as they activate and direct the action, progressing through the encompassing, interactive, emotionally bright and engaging works.

About Jonny Detiger

Jonny Detiger - Courtesy of the Artist

Detiger grew up in Holland and attended school in Switzerland before studying business and economics at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and the London School of Economics and Political Science. His signature style of intricate art and mixed media sculpture explores human interaction through a kaleidoscope of iconic imagery, text, color and light.

“Art, fashion, design and music have always been an integral part of my life and art,” says Detiger. “I move freely between these disciplines and create projects of ‘living art’ environments that incorporate sound, smell, design and color. Happiness, humor and positivity are common themes that run through all of my work.”


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