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Lique Schoot at Koehnline Museum of Art in Des Plaines, IL

From September 28 to October 20 Lique Schoot will be part of the group exhibition “Women and Anger: Resistance, Power, and Inspiration”

From September 28 to October 20 Lique Schoot will be part of the international group exhibition “Women and Anger” at the Koehnline Museum of Art in Des Plaines, IL.

About the exhibition

A tradition at the Koehnline Museum of Art is its annual collaboration with the Women’s and Gender Studies program to explore a unique perspective on women’s creativity and art. This year’s exhibition explores the relationship between women and anger that has always been a complex one. Women have traditionally been discouraged from expressing anger for fear of being perceived as unladylike or worse, as dangerous or destabilizing. But in truth, well-placed anger can often serve as an impetus for healing, transformation, and action. Recent push-backs in hard fought political and legal gains, assaults on the health and safety of women and other marginalized groups, as well as on the environment, would suggest that the time is right for righteous indignation.

About Lique Schoot

Lique Schoot is a multidisciplinary conceptual artist. Since graduating in 1997, she has concentrated on the self-portrait as a vehicle for exploring the nature of existence. She has taken a picture of herself every day with an analog compact camera at arm’s length since October of 2003. This continuous stream of self-portraits, ‘LS diaries’, records her existence in one frame every day. Each month, the film roll is developed in the lab. The prints are stored on a CD, subtly edited on the computer, and titled with the date they are made (year, month and day). This photographic diary is a central source for ‘LS data’, her entire, growing oeuvre, encompassing paintings, photography, objects, poems, site-specific art, and installations. In all of her work, she explores the dual nature of identity as simultaneously the perpetual reinvention of the self and an equally willful projection of the other. Common emotions and great themes emerge from the quiet simplicity and persistence of her imagery.

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