Marije Kuiper and Bas Berkhout present documentary style project about creative people they admire

Two Dutch artists set out on a journey to meet and learn about the artists who inspire them on a daily basis.

Meet the duo Marije Kuiper (photographer) and Bas Berkhout (filmmaker). They love social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo: via these channels they’ve become acquainted with unique artists that inspire them on a daily basis. But the digital world is often criticized as volatile and shallow. Sometimes, they miss the human touch.

That’s why the idea was born to make documentaries about the people behind the inspiring pictures, videos and artwork that is posted online. With their project Like Knows Like, featuring their own films and photos, Kuiper and Berkhout celebrate the bond between follower and artist, gaining deeper insight into the artist and satisfying their own curiosity.

Currently the two are living in New York, and today their second documentary that was shot in the Big Apple is out:

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