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Meduse MagiQ Records Tours Midwest, Philadelphia, and NYC

March 22 to 29, Spill Gold & Fetter play in the Midwest, Philadelphia, and New York

Psychedelic-dance-folk trio Spill Gold and synthesizer-soloist/singer-songwriter Fetter will be touring through the Midwest, Philadelphia, and New York from March 22 to 29. The Amsterdam-based ladies are known for their energetic shows and idiosyncratic style, making each performance into an extraordinary experience. 


Tour Schedule


March 22 | The Hide Out | Chicago, IL

March 23 | The Spot Tavern | Lafayette, IN

March 24 | Pioneer | Indianapolis, IN

March 26 | The Pharmacy | Philadelphia, PA

March 29 | Trans-Pecos | New York, NY




Fetter has been active in the Dutch underground scene since 2013, when she self-released her spaced-out collection “The Ego Album.” Since then she’s been performing both musical and multimedia work extensively in art galleries, pop podiums, and experimental venues throughout Europe.

With foggy, stumbling synthetic rhythms and tenderly woven vocal tapestries, Fetter produces layer by layer a haunting, arresting noise-pop. Bridging the lo-fi surrealness of experimental electronics with bombastic pop elements and just the right amount of profound

Having spent the springtime months in Berlin conjuring up songs and visuals for a new album, this October Fetter reveals a mini-EP featuring the two singles “Hunter” and “Stickie Self,” a tantalizing preview of the full-length album to come in 2017.

Incorporating noisy yet unavoidably danceable textures, Fetter’s latest work reclaims bliss in catastrophe and invites us to find refuge in absurdity through stories of disappearing aircraft, selfie-deaths, fertile wastelands, and the curiously persistent urge to procreate. Join them to get your hands on the freshly pressed and printed tape!



Spill Gold

Spill Gold is a psychedelic three-piece that unwinds vivid, spiraling stories with their eerie yet persistent songs, bringing listeners into a trance-like state. With snake-charming synths, dreamy yet urgent vocals, swerving guitar lines, and heavy, earthquaking drums, they move you to dance and float away at the same time.

As they put it: “We saw the sirens and just like that, as we were sitting in the rain, daydreaming on a foggy mountain trip with Japhy Ryder, witnessed the rising of an unusual new moon. A revelation that would not be contained, an unrelenting vision that demanded to be shared.”

Spill Gold invites you to lean into your unrelenting visions and pour out the best you’ve got, streaming and unrestrained. Let it out and get drenched bathing in it.

Check out their latest music video for Palms below:


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