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Mobile Art Platform “Avant Arte” Launched

This year, Curtis Penning, Nico Veenman and Christian Luiten launched mobile art platform “Avant Arte.”

This year, Dutch artlovers Curtis Penning, Nico Veenman and Christian Luiten launched Avant Arte, a mobile art platform to share, search and connect art, artists and artlovers.  

Avant Arte is a unique, free of charge app to take away the boundaries that younger artlovers experience when diving into the world of art. It enables artists, galleries and museums on one side to share their art, and interact with the artlovers on the other side.

 Courtesy of Avant Arte.Courtesy of Avant Arte.

In the beginning of 2015, Penning, Veenman and Luiten have grown a successful and fast-growing Instagram community of artlovers. In the next step of their vision, they have created this mobile platform, where users can swype through art and connect with artists, galleries and museums.

The use of Avant Arte results in broader art knowledge, art interests and more fun in working with, and being inspired by art. Plus, it enables young or starting artists, galleries or museums to display their talents on a global level in a way that was difficult so far. At the same time, the platgorm offers a unique chance for existing and popular arists or institutions to strengthen their position with a younger audience.

Avant Arte.

To bring all these different groups together, the team of Avant Arte has partnered up with a variety of different institutions and individuals. For example, their partners include Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam), gallery Unit London, photography museum Foam Amsterdam, rapper CRO (Stuttgart), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), visual artist Michael Kagan (New York), media platform Fubiz (Paris), and actor Ryan Phillipe (Los Angeles). 

Their mission is to make all art accessible to anyone in the world, and to empower artists and creatives to share their dreams with their audience. Here, ‘the swiping app’ is just the beginning. With Avant Arte’s Instagram and partners as accelerators, the app is the starting point to create a more tightly knit art community, and build a globally recognized art brand and platform.

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