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Nina van Styrum Featured in Group Exhibition in New York

Nina van Styrum’s work is on display October 26-28 at Con Artist Collective

From October 27th until 28th, the Con Artist Collective Gallery will organize a pop-up group exhibition called “Let’s Talk about Love” featuring Dutch artist Nina van Styrum. An opening reception will be held at October 26th from 6pm-10pm. 

Let's talk about love

Let’s Talk about Love 

LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE debuts on the lower east side of New York City this fall. The new pop-up exhibition, planned and launched by five international exhibition designers, seeks to explore the idea that all forms of love are equal and should not be criticized by others. The exhibition will provide visitors with the opportunity to interact with various themes found within love.

Our society is constructed upon an assortment of shared and disputed views of love; therefore daily life may be defined by love or, conversely, by its absence. Misunderstanding, pressure, and other negative emotional consequences may be associated with love because individuals interpret, approach and communicate love in their own way. LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE proposes that love is an inherent right among humans regardless of one’s culture, race, gender or age. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to explore these notions of love in an open-minded environment that builds upon emotional connection.

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