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Online Educational Tools

Here you can find a list of online educational tools: Included are lectures, book readings and museum collections. For more cultural online resources, see our blog on Online Cultural Resources.

The Brooklyn Historical Society

The Brooklyn Historical Society Launches New Curriculum: “Dutch Breukelen: Where Brooklyn Began’ is a curriculum developed by the Brooklyn Historical Society. It’s designed for grades 2 – 8 that transforms the classroom into a learning lab about seventeenth-century Brooklyn. With primary sources including maps, diaries, cookbooks, account ledgers, and drawings, ‘Dutch Breukelen’ contains resources and prompts that will spark and engage the curiosity of any New Yorker or Brooklyn-lover about the early colonial origins of New York’s most populous borough.”


Dutch Culture

Dutch art and culture abroad without travelling: museums.


New Amsterdam History Center

Virtual New Amsterdam Project + Lectures


World Editions Publishers

Authors read from their works, discuss the current situation in their countries, and talk about what books mean to them during Covid-19.


I Wish by Toon Tellegen

Online book release.


Rembrandt in Southern California

Online art exhibition.


New Netherlands Institute

Digital Exhibitions.


New York Historical Society

New-York Historical Society Launches Online Curriculum: “On March 8, International Women’s Day 2019, the New-York Historical Society launched the “Women & the American Story” (WAMS) website, a free curriculum guide designed to connect educators with resources that illuminate women’s contributions to the American past. At a time when only 13 percent of the historical figures in American history textbooks are women, the site is the first comprehensive, digital women’s history resource for schools across the country. Developed in collaboration with IBM, the new site——features primary sources, historical background essays, engaging biographies, and classroom activities that cover the roles women played during early encounters in American history (1492–1734) and the Progressive Era (1889–1920) with additional units to be added on an ongoing basis until it covers the full scope of U.S. history. Designed for teachers and students, the web resource is freely accessible and relevant to anyone interested in learning more about women across the spectrum of US society and history.”

New York Historical Society Created Classroom Materials on New World – New Netherland – New York: “Discover New York’s colonial past with New World – New Netherland – New York. This brand new curriculum explores the Age of Discovery, the Dutch colonial period, and the English colonial period through primary sources—including materials that have never before been translated or published for a wider audience. Divided into three units, this guide is arranged so that teachers may pick and choose resources to deepen and enliven their lessons. Also included are background essays, questions for the classroom, and life stories that augment understandings of the interactions between New York’s Native American and earliest Dutch, African, and British inhabitants.”


New York State Museum

The Fort Orange Educational Guide of the New York State Museum:
“Created for teachers of the 4th and 7th grades, this educational guide provides five lessons that introduce students to Fort Orange and the world of New Netherland. Studying New Netherland—its foundation, purpose, and the complex dynamics of its diverse populations—is essential to students’ understanding of the history of New York.”


Cincinatti Art Museum

Gogh Make Some Art with CAM Contest.


Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Online Museum Collection.


Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Online Museum Collection.



DutchCulture USA