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Recap: Mylo Freeman at Brooklyn Book Festival Childrens Day

Mylo Freeman signing books at the Brooklyn Book Festival Children's Day

Brooklyn Book Festival Children’s Day

The Brooklyn Book Festival Children’s Day took place on Saturday 21st of September at MetroTech Commons in Brooklyn. The MetroTech area was filled with stalls full of books and there were different events for children and parents to attend throughout the day. Dutch author Mylo Freeman flew over from the Netherlands to host events at Brooklyn Book Festival’s Children’s Day.

“For children, parents, and educators, it is a literary celebration like no other and one that proudly reflects the diverse and international spirit of the city” – Liz Koch, co-producer of the Brooklyn Book Festival, on the BKBF Children’s Day

Mylo Freeman talk and book reading

Mylo Freeman gave a talk about her background and her children’s books. Mylo is a comic book writer and illustrator from Amsterdam. Her books focus on children with an ethnic background, such as the black Princess Arabella series.  Mylo created Princess Arabella after hearing about a little girl from Surinam who was offered to play a princess in her school play. The girl refused the role. She believed that she could not play a princess because she had never heard about a black princess before. This is when Mylo decided that she was going to write about a black princess: Princess Arabella.

At the Brooklyn Book Festival Children’s Day, Mylo read one of her books from the series: Princess Arabella is a Big Sister. While telling the story, Mylo showed the audience the original illustrations she made for the book. She asked the children in the audience questions and they participated in the talk by providing their answers.

Mylo Freeman showing one of her original illustrations while telling the story of Princess Arabella is a Big Sister

Screening Mr. Paper Goes Out for a Walk Short Film

Right after Mylo Freeman’s talk there was a screening of the Dutch-Flemish short film Mr. Paper Goes Out for a Walk.

Mylo Freeman illustration demonstration

Mylo Freeman also gave a demonstration of how she illustrates her picture books. Children could watch her paint Princess Arabella’s dress with ecoline liquid watercolor paint. Mylo showed them how the different colors merge on paper and how she creates special effects using salt on ecoline.

Children watch as Mylo Freeman paints the dress of her Princess Arabella drawing

Children watch as Mylo Freeman paints the dress of her Princess Arabella drawing

Finished Princess Arabella drawing

Mylo Freeman Book Signing

There was also an opportunity for visitors to get their Princess Arabella book signed by the author.

Mylo Freeman signs books at Brooklyn Book Festival Children’s Day

Princess Arabella is a Big Sister


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