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RECONSTRUCT Collective Presents FW19 Collection

On Friday, February 8, 2019, RECONSTRUCT Collective presented their FW19 collection REMOTE CONTROL. The show took place at Pier59 Studios during New York Fashion: Women’s. Produced by Barlow & Sons, styled by Mazurbate, hair sponsored by Cutler, beauty by Mimi Quiquine, set design by Studio Dennis Vanderbroeck, drone video by Quinten Elbers, music mixed by JJAQ, a collaboration with The New Originals, shoes sponsored by Converse, and gloves sponsored by Pearl Izumi.

RECONSTRUCT’s fifth collection, REMOTE CONTROL, is a return to reality; finding their own identity and point of view in the current state of society. This is the reality of RECONSTRUCT – what is shaping them as a collective and who are they as individuals. The group wanted to get back to the very essence of why they started RECONSTRUCT in the first place. This collection is the autobiographical story of the collective, referencing past collections and exposing their utmost selves.

The collection is a balance of a serene and bold explosion of colors. With new fabric manipulations, hand-drawn prints, and bold silhouette, the collective wanted to give viewers a look into their vision of reality. Mazurbate defined the story from beginning to end by starting with the light colors end ending with an explosion of bold colors.

The models wore distorted makeup to create an unusual, unexpected look in sync with the collection narrative. Hair had a playful and youthful energy that creates the metaphor for the concept of creating your own reality.

The curated set design by Vanderbroeck toyed with the illusion of a landing strip by surrounding the runway with LED lights, smoke, and a drone – controlled by Quinten Elbers – hovering around the models. The atmosphere created a mesmerizing, out of this world experience. The set was succinctly paired with music mixed by JJAQ.

View the collection below!

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