Roma Pas in Group Exhibition at Present Company

Through July 17, Dutch artist Roma Pas is part of “Timeshare,” an group exhibition at Present Company in Brooklyn, NY. 

“Timeshare” is an exhibition of works by members of the SVA MFA Art Practice Class of 2017, and considers a collective and temporary possession of place. The artists address themes of transition, memory and artifact and consider place as a multidisciplinary construct for cultural inquiry. 

Roma Pas,

About Roma Pas

Tracing what seems to be a timeline of our varied modes of communication, artist Roma Pas works in a variety of media, ranging from clay to computer software, mixing traditional materials with contemporary electronic and digital culture and breaking down new forms of media to show their underlying components. Her work illustrates how electronic representations of reality at times tend to replace the real ones, forcing metaphorical connections between them and yet also yearning for the actual.

About MFA Art Practice

MFA Art Practice at the School of Visual Arts is an expansive low-residency, interdisciplinary program of study founded on the belief that artists need not be defined by their use of materials or chosen platforms. The program offers experienced artists an opportunity to deepen their studio practice and develop an advanced body of work under the guidance of some of the world’s foremost artists and critics in the heart of New York City’s Chelsea gallery district.

About Present Company

Founded in 2012, Present Company is a Brooklyn-based exhibition and social space. Their program highlights artists and projects in a curated atmosphere of experimentation and collaboration. Present Company is operated by Vince Contarino, Brian Balderston, Chad Stayrook and José Ruiz, and located in Bushwick.