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Ruud Houweling Releases New Single “Motherland”

The new single of Ruud Houweling is out now!

Singer/songwriter Ruud Houweling, former frontman of the band Cloudmachine, just released his new single ‘Motherland’ as part of his new solo album ‘Erasing Mountains’. “I tried to imagine what my songs would sound like if I had been influenced by a living tradition of Dutch folk music. How could I capture my Dutch roots musically? Why not try to make a record like that?”

The single can be found on in the Netherlands and the US on Spotify, on Apple Music and Google Play.

About Ruud Houweling

“Hi. I’m a songwriter. Have been doing that since forever and a day. Like birds always know what their song is, I’ve always known I am a songwriter. Hasn’t been an easy path so far, but an interesting one. Attempted making it in the music business in my early twenties. Got hit in the head a few times. I couldn’t write about things that were so close to my heart and then toss it in this superficial current that is the music industry. It was a conflict. And frankly, I just wasn’t ready. I was shy, I didn’t know what I was doing yet. There were so many aspects to this mysterious craft I still had to discover and learn. The songwriting happened all by itself, so I just focused on that. I’d just see where it would take me. Here is the story so far, in a nutshell.”

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