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Sjamsoedin Releases His New EP ‘Orion’

May 19, Sjamsoedin releases his new EP ‘Orion’

May 19, Sjamsoedin releases his new EP ‘Orion’. The title track was already premiered by 3voor12 last week. The song now has an official video as well. Nowness had the honor to premiere it this week. 

Videomaker Rogier van der Zwaag spent the last few months locked away in his studio with a vaporiser and a camera. Fortunately, in addition to minor lung damage, Rogier also emerged with a stunning short film in which smoke plumes perform an intricate choreography to the music of Sjamsoedin’s “Orion”.
Each movement is the result of multiple experiments to bend smoke to his will. In addition to the film, this extended process of trial and error has naturally evolved into a video installation that highlights the fragile beauty and temporality of the smoke plumes on a bigger screen. Watch the making of here.
Sjamsoedin shows another side of himself with his “Orion” EP, with the title track as moody outburst, but always keeping the dancefloor in mind. The ‘Orion’ EP is out now on La Freund Recordings and is available on Spotify and Juno.

Watch the video right here:

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