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Sorry/Bible – Genesis by Willum Geerts at Sardine Gallery

From January 28 until March 5, 2017, Willem Geerts will be part of the group exhibition ‘Process +/- Pattern;

From January 28 until March 5, 2017, Sardine Gallery will present ‘Process +/- Pattern’, an exhibition featuring Sorry/Bible-Genesis (1:1-26) by Willum Geerts. Geerts is part of the group exhibition with Shane Drinkwater, Heidi Hankaniemi, Keigo Takahashi, and Karen Tepaz.  

About Sorry/Bible-Genesis (1:1-26)

In Sorry-Bible-Genesis (1:1-26), a hand erases all letters on the first page of the Holy Bible with white correction fluid pen except for the S, O, R, R and Y. The page covers Chapter 1, Verse 1 to 26, that starts with the creation of heaven and earth and finishes with the creation of man. The hand continues in that order until the whole page is done. 

The Sorry-Bible-concept is a poetic critique on the still ongoing and strong impact of Christianity on our Western daily life with its norms and values taken for granted and the widespread harm caused by religion in general. 

This video piece derived from the work-in-progress Sorry-Bible, in which the whole book, 1146 pages King James Version, is edited the same way as shown in the video. 

About Willum Geerts

Willum Geerts received his BFA from HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht. Geerts presents his multidisciplinary work all around the world, in and outside the regular art context. Bringing him, amongst others, from the Van Abbemuseum and Kröller- Müller Museum to Nhasan Studios in Hanoi. From Makan Art Space in Jordan to New York where he attended the LMCC studio program and Art Omi International Artist’s Residency.

He teaches at the Fine Arts Department at the HKU University of Arts in Utrecht and is regularly a guest lecturer at various other universities.He has been regularly awarded numerous grants from the Dutch Art Foundation and Mondriaan Foundation. In addition, he is involved in many socio-political and cultural organizations. 


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