Streetscape Territories

‘Streetscape Territories’ is a joint project of seminars, workshops, round tables, publications and events about streetscapes and waterscapes, presented by The Flanders House New York, the General Consulate of the Netherlands, KU Leuven (Streetscape Territories Research Project) and TU Delft. This year’s topic will be Coney Island.

This international collaboration project wants to reinforce and expand the existing professional, academic and cultural networks between the two regions. During summer and fall 2014, a combination of joint activities and events seeks to highlight a historical influence on the identity and growth of the region of New York and will explore cultural similarities, parallels or differences between the two regions to propose future scenarios for research and design in the field of art and architecture, urban design and planning.

This multiple exchange project is based on one main theme: Common Streetscapes. The project embraces and celebrates the rich variety of Common Streetscapes between the two regions, linking design experiences in different Flemish and Dutch cities (Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Brugge, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag…) and the New York region.
Common Streetscapes are understood as collective spaces of cultural identity and social cohesion and used as a fil rouge for the multiple activities within this project. This main theme will be used as an introduction to issues of architecture, urban planning, water management, flood protection policies, (re)design and (re)construction of public space, re-use of infrastructure etc.

This project wants to explore long term alliances to promote Flemish and Dutch (young) professionals and academic expertise in USA, especially in the region of New York.
Through the academic/cultural exchange project, this project helps to set up a solid base point for further Flemish and Dutch presence in the New York region.

July 14th 3-6pm, Master Dissertation Presentations, @Pratt Institute New York, Rm 406, Higgins Hall North

This event is open to the public.

This first event is a public presentation of a series of Master Dissertation Projects by KU Leuven students, working within the Streetscape Territories framework and focusing on Coney Island. At the end of the event, a reception is offered.

July 15th-25th: International Workshop 

Location: Flanders House/General Consulate of the Netherlands/Pratt Institute New York 

An international workshop is organised about Coney Island: around 20 participants from different European countries will discuss and propose ideas of how to deal with streetscapes and waterscapes in Coney Island. Parallel to this, artists Giannina Urmeneta Ottiker and Koen Meersman will develop an artistic project, related to the main theme, that will be presented to the public in November.

The workshop is planned as an in situ workshop, working literally in the streetscapes of Coney Island, combined with a series of studio sessions (desk crits) and a final presentation. The main focus of will be Coney Island Creek.

First half of November: International Research and Design Week

Location: Flanders House/General Consulate of the Netherlands/Pratt Institute

International week of seminars, site visits, presentations of research and design projects related to the main theme, with collaboration of professional or academic experts.

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