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TDUTCH6 shows at New York Fashion Week

TDUTCH6, part of House of Byfield, shows at New York Fashion Week on February 19th

Designer Carmichael Byfield is selected by the New York Fashion Week organization to present a dazzling, extravagant male/female collection. On February 19th Byfield and TDUTCH6 will present their designs at the Lincoln Center as part of the FTL Moda + Art Hearts Fashion Event.

Originally from New York Carmichael Byfield now lives in the Netherlands, where his passion for designing men’s clothes returned. House of Byfield’s designs can be described as discreet and elegant wear with an eye for detail and a sportive touch. His ‘daywear suits’ are for men who dare to dress well and still aren’t afraid to use color. A/W 15 Collection is an arc between classic, risqué and sports with of course the extravagant edge of Byfield and his design team the TDUTCH6.

Together with brand ambassador and companion Caroline Karte, Carmichael gathered an exclusive Dutch design team consisting of shoe designer Dennis Jongen (Timtur shoes), jewellery and bag designer Ron van den Bosch (RB exclusive), eyewear designer Jos Baijens (JOS) and Angelle Chang with additional designs (Jow Junior).

The team combined their efforts and creativity, which ultimately led to a mixture of designs. For example, Carmichael Byfield designed a dress especially to match a specific RB Exclusive carbon piece, the Timtur shoes are partially designed with fabrics from House of Byfield and the colors of the eyewear are matched to the Byfield designs. All in all, the Byfield look for this season expresses a classical, unique and sportive sensation.

Other distinguishable elements that will inspire the audience:

  • A Dutch Chinese model with non average sizes who is also one of the TDUTCH6 designers
  • Ty-Ron Mayes, stylist from America’s Next Top Model, is the stylist
  • 5 Dutch models will participate
  • Makeup and hair is Dutch design
  • Many celebs will attend: Sessilee Lopez (Supermodel and actress: starring in the upcoming movie SUPERMODEL), Stacey MacKenzie (Supermodel and Judge of Canada’s Next Top Model), Anthony Isambert, Walter Greene, Monica Pege, Shaun Ross, and many more

For more information visit:

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