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Terhi Tolvanen and Philip Sajet on Display at Ornamentum Gallery

Until October 22nd, Philip Sajet and Terhi Tolvanen will display their jewelry collection

From September 22nd until October 22nd, Philip Sajet and Terhi Tolvanen will display their jewelry collection in an exhibition named “Not Everything is Nice” at the Ornamentum Gallery in Hudson, NY. The Gallery hosts a reception on September 22nd from 6-8pm. 

Philip Sajet, Rose Pearl Ring, 2018

Philip Sajet, Rose Pearl Ring (2018) © Courtesy of Ornamentum Gallery 


Philip Sajet

Philip Sajet creates balances between raw emotion and laborious craftsmanship.  His oeuvre is vast and many directional.  Not – quite – traditional takes on accepted jewelry materials and forms can be at once rough and delicate, and occasionally taking them as far as being overtly aggressive.

The Dutch born Sajet, spends his time between the Netherlands, Germany and France.  Sajet’s work can be found in such distinguished collections as the MFA Boston, Massachusetts, USA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California, USA and the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL. 


Terhi Tolvanen, Flores Nubius (2018)

Tehri Tolvanen, Flores Nubius (2018) © Courtesy of the Gallery 


Terhi Tolvanen 

Terhi Tolvanen is revered for her observations of nature transformed into stunning, sculptural jewelry.  Juxtaposing wooden branches with silver metalwork, concrete, pearls and stone, her wearable sculptures transcend expectations and norms.  Tolvanen makes no compromises, yet they feel comfortable in their scale as they are comfortably built for wear, as if nature intended them to be just as they are, and for them to be worn. 

Born in Finland, Tolvanen’s work was featured in the 2016 Design Triennial at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, NYC and can be found in important collections worldwide, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK, the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, NL and the Jewelry Museum of Pforzheim, Germany.  Terhi Tolvanen currently lives and works in the French countryside. 


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