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The Latest Collection from Piet Boon at LEPERE

The Latest Collection from Piet Boon at LEPERE opening May 22, 2017

On May 22, LEPERE is opening their new showroom at New York Design Center, suite 1207, showing their latest collection from Piet Boon.

The starting point for this year’s special collection is the studio’s fascination with shape and the intuitive process of shaping design. Inspired by the shape of the studio’s iconic KLINK side table, the new Piet Boon furniture items; ELLA series, OLLE table series, ODE coffee table and LUNA lamp are infused with the same artisanal non-geometric contour. Inspired by one single hand movement and in line with the studio’s philosophy of balancing functionality, aesthetics and individuality. Ensuring experience consistency the studio chose the KLINK shape as an overarching theme and can be recognized in every aspect of the presentation.


LEPERE showcases a collection which closes the gap between continents with innovative designs from Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands and Spain. A purveyor of excellence, the showroom is exquisitely curated and boasts products by such design laureates as Jean-Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola and Piero Lissoni, among others. LEPERE delivers a multiplicity of options merging technology with artisanal craftsmanship, creating an environment for the way we live that is current and timeless. Contract quality and hearth-worthy, LEPERE offers a selection of versatility and endurance which is ready to permeate through home and garden, institution and public space, recreation and industry.

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