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The Solos releases new album “Infected”

Infected by THE SOLOS

The Solos releases unique album ‘Infected’

The Solos, a a collective of musicians, artists, sound designers, composers, producers and programmers, released a special album with new work called ‘Infected’.  The collective usually works on global films, trailers and commercials locally out of Amsterdam and Los Angeles and has an impressive catalogue of renowned films and media campaigns and a familiar face during events and matchmaking sessions linking Dutch talent and supply to American demand.

Recorded in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, its team of composers and sound designers worked remotely, across the Netherlands and the US, to deliver 12 contagious tracks.
‘Infected’, is the end result and the first full length album by The Solos, “inspired by the brightest ideas and the darkest moods experienced in the last few months. In fact, the stay-at-home period gave us a unique and welcome opportunity to rediscover our musical voice and to experiment with new compositions and sounds.”

Give ‘Infected’ a listen if you’re curious to hear The Solos’ musical voice, dark yet hopeful, confronting yet inspiring. The album is available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify.

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