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Two Dutch entries at Dance on Camera

The 46th Dance on Camera Festival in New York features two Dutch (co-)productions

The 46th Dance on Camera Festival in New York, lasting July 20th to 24th, features two Dutch films on Friday, July 22nd: Gulliver, a Giant in the Bijlmer & Scalamare. Tickets for these US premieres are $9 for members, $10 for students, seniors, and persons with disabilities, and $13 for the general public; available here.


Gulliver, a Giant in the Bijlmer

Juliette Stevens | Dutch (English sub.) | 26 min.
Sunday, July 22, 6:00pm
Q&A with director Catherine Tambini

Choreographer and dance teacher Susanne Marx – in collaboration with the city and dance company ICK – initiated the innovative dance and educational project Gulliver, a Children’s Revolution. The project is based on the tale of Gulliver’s Travels, a tale about the people of Lilliput who battle against a giant.

Marx and students from the local primary schools Crescendo and Bijlmerdrie look at how they imagine their ideal life in Amsterdam’s less privileged neighborhood, Zuidoost. This is the first time these kids get to know modern dance. In physical scenes, the children start their candid battle with a giant: dancer Christian Guerematchi.

Documentary maker Juliette Stevens followed this process from first preparations until the celebratory premiere in the Bijlmer Parktheater. With “Gulliver, een reus in de Bijlmer” she connects the unruly reality with the dreams and desires of the participating children.

Sunday, July 22, 6:00pm; Q&A with director Catherine Tambini


2017 | Dutch  (English sub.) | 10 min.
Sunday, July 22, 8:30pm
Q&A with director Marie Brodeur

In 2015, Amsterdam-based dancer and choreographer Jiri Kylian was inspired by a visit to the Ancona War Memorial and its impressive staircase leading to the Adriatic. Thus, a simple narrative was born: an elderly couple celebrates the anniversary of their honeymoon, which began on these very steps. Many years later they are here, looking back on their lives and looking forward to an uncertain future.

Kylian’s choreography is characterized by unexpected movements and gestures that border on the surreal, tinged with melancholy and a touch of the divine.

Sunday, July 22, 8:30pm; Q&A with director Marie Brodeur

Dance on Camera

Inaugurated in 1971 and co-presented annually with the Film Society Of Lincoln Center since 1996, Dance On Camera Festival remains the longest-running dance film festival in the world, providing a platform for choreographic storytelling and creative expression, and intimate access to innovative media artists and their cinematic works.

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