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VACANCY: Senior Press and Cultural Affairs Officer, New York

The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York has a full-time (40 hours per week) local vacancy for Senior press and cultural affairs officer, with a focus on cultural heritage and Dutch Old Masters.


The job is being offered at pay scale 8 for a fixed term of two years (with the intent to extend after the 2 years) and a probationary period of two months (see enclosed job description – English version only).

Additional information regarding this position is available from Ms. Sophie van Doornmalen, at / +1 646 515 2916.

Please send your application, with resume, to:
Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York
Monique Ruhe, Cultural Attaché
666 Third Avenue, 18th floor
New York, NY 10017 USA


Closing date for applications: 10 November 2022
Starting Date: 15 January 2023

Indicative monthly gross salary (based on pay scale New York, scale 8, pay step 0): $7575. gross per month.

* This vacancy is open to both internal (local employees and partners of officials posted to a Mission in the US) candidates and external candidates. If an external candidate and local candidate are equally qualified, the local candidate shall be given priority. Moreover, a local employee will be given priority over a partner of an official posted to a Mission in the US.

** As per US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), employers in the US are required to ensure that all employees have the legal right to work in the US. Under US State Department requirements, the embassy and our consulates may only employ, as non-diplomatic staff, persons who are US citizens, US Green Card holders or “A” visa holders. There is a max term for A2 visa holders of 5 years, the Netherlands Embassy / Consulate General cannot sponsor any work permits for family members.

General features of the job

  • The senior press and cultural affairs officer is primarily responsible for providing people,  businesses and institutions with information and identifying their information needs.
  • The senior press and cultural affairs officer is accountable to the head of section for  providing people, businesses and institutions with information and identifying their information needs.
  • Embassy and ministerial policy are applicable.
  • In addition to theoretical specialist knowledge of and practical specialist expertise in the field of cultural heritage and Dutch Old Masters, the employee must possess theoretical background knowledge and a broad interest in arts and culture. The work involves tackling issues and solving problems, as well as analyzing them.
  • The work is carried out in accordance with broadly formulated assignments. To a large extent the employee makes his/her own choices and decisions about approach and way  of working.

Possible duties

Providing information on the relevant field of work (cultural heritage,  education, museums and Dutch Old Masters, with a supporting role in contemporary art) by:

  • Example 1: Analyzing and answering questions by letter, telephone and e-mail.
  • Example 2: Keeping abreast of ministerial policy and topics on which information is frequently  requested.
  • Example 3: Where necessary, requesting experts both in and outside the embassy/Ministry to  provide additional information.

Supporting (Head of) the department with project management within the relevant field of work and other arts disciplines.

  • Example 1: Management of financial applications.
  • Example 2: Maintain contact with American institutions about upcoming projects.
  • Example 3: Execute mappings of cities and regions where the cultural work may be intensified

Identifying information needs in the relevant field of work by:

  • Example 1: Monitoring and analyzing questions and request patterns.
  • Example 2: Informing experts on the results of monitoring and analysis.
  • Example 3: Making proposals for improving communication with people, businesses and  institutions.

Gathering information in the relevant area of work by:

  • Example 1: Contributing to studies and advice on the relevant policy, based on the study of  literature and reports. The employee must interpret and analyse the collected information independently.
  • Example 2: Monitoring developments in the area of interest.
  • Example 3: Consulting with others on how to obtain information.

Developing overall messaging in the relevant area of work for campaigns and communications outreach by:

  • Example 1: Translating overall ministerial policy frameworks into proposals for specific communication actions by the Consulate General.
  • Example 2: Actively contributing to editorial planning, recaps, press releases and promotional  features on-line to promote the policy areas concerned.

Maintaining a network (and database) of cultural, educational and artistic professionals both in The Netherlands and the US in the relevant area of work:

  • Example 1: Identifying important contacts within the relevant area of work and sharing these contacts  with a relevant network within the embassy-network and the cultural partners in The Netherlands.

Translating overall ministerial policy frameworks into concrete projects by:

  • Example 1: Identifying relevant projects by consulting with cultural and educational network, counterparts and colleagues.


  • Management of financial applications
  • Support and monitor archival, administrative and logistical efforts of the cultural department
  • Support management of website and social media channels
  • Develop policy and strategies to present Dutch museums, educational & cultural heritage in the American professional surroundings;
  • Develop communications strategies for activities organized by the cultural department;
  • Research and maintain the main target groups for the cultural efforts of the cultural department, especially in the field of museums, education & cultural heritage;
  • Assist colleagues in applying the right procedures and branding with respect to their financial activities;
  • Coordinating and monitoring finances of the cultural department;
  • Develop story lines about the areas covered (US as a whole) as well as for the cultural department in NY.

Result areas

  • The result areas are wide: Museums, Educational & Cultural Heritage;
  • To realize high quality Dutch arts and cultural events in the USA within the policy area and answering to market demands and opportunities;
  • To realize a positive image of The Netherlands in the USA;
  • Well organized financial policy of the cultural department.

Working environment

The Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is part of the network of Dutch diplomatic representations. The Consulate is situated in the Chrysler Annex building. The Consulate General and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) have 22 employees, four Dutch expats and eighteen locally hired. Most colleagues are Dutch nationals. The Consulate has three departments: the economic department, the cultural department and the department of operational management and consular affairs. The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, although a separate entity, is part of the organization. The Dutch Mission to the United Nations is housed in the same building, facilities are shared. The CG works closely with the Embassy in Washington, especially in the field of public diplomacy. The Cultural Department covers all of the USA. The other departments of the Consulate General cover the North-East of the US, from New Jersey and  Pennsylvania up to the Canadian border.


The following three competences are required for fulfilling this position:

  • Networking / representation skills
  • Strategic skills and Planning skills
  • Writing skills

The next three competences are important as well:

  • Result driven
  • Externally focused
  • Flexibility regarding availability

Knowledge and skills

Level of education: higher professional level
Level of experience: 3-5 years of relevant experience required

  • General knowledge of ministerial policy.
  • General knowledge of communication.
  • Skill in analyzing questions and answering them orally and in writing.
  • Understanding of social and specialized developments in relation to the area or areas in  which the cultural department operates.
  • Knowledge of general training methods and techniques for drawing up project plans and  performing evaluations, and skill in using them.
  • Understanding of relevant ministerial frameworks and legislation in the policy area concerned.
  • Skill in translating insights and information into advice, plans and reports and in assessing their policy and financial implications.
  • (Near) Native speaker of Dutch and (Near-) Native speaker of English


With ministries, cultural funds in the Netherlands, representatives of cultural businesses and institutions, in order to analyze information needs  and provide information on policy matters.

The Netherlands Government celebrates all forms of diversity and is deeply committed to foster an inclusive environment within its organization. Individuals interested in advancing these diversity goals are strongly encouraged to apply.

For more information, please contact Sophie van Doornmalen


Phone: (+1 (646-515-2916)

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