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10×10 Photobooks Salon NYC: “Quadruple Dutch”

10×10 Photobooks Salons offer a space to get together with photobook publishers, authors and collectors in an informal atmosphere.

Wed, Nov 4 - Wed, Nov 4  2015


10×10 Photobooks is a multi-platform ongoing series of photobook event. On Nov4 at 7 PM, they present “Quadruple Dutch”. 10×10 Photobooks Salons offer a space to get together with photobook publishers, authors and collectors in an informal atmosphere over a glass of wine or beer. Photobooks will be available for browsing and purchase.


Our featured salon presenters for the evening will be Sander UitdehaagAnne Geene and Arjan de Nooy (From the SALVO group) and Witho Worms in discussion with gallerist Johan Deumens. These brilliant Dutch artists have traveled all the way to New Amsterdam to discuss their respective art and bookmaking practices within the exploding and vibrant photobook community.

SALVO group: 
Anne Geene‘s work is based on different possible ways of representing reality with photography. By shifting contexts and meanings, she questions the way photographs relate to objectivity.

Arjan de Nooy has studied chemistry, art history and photography. Combining both his own images and found vernacular images, he devises stories in which his role may vary from a collector to an historian or from a photographer to a scientist.

Sander Uitdehaag resides in a world in which he combines literature, theory and photography (of others and himself) into publications and installations that invite readers and viewers to join him on his quests.


Witho Worms, a Dutch artist-photographer with a background in anthropology, investigates the medium of photography through natural and cultural environments.

There is limited space for 30 people, you can RSVP to The meet-up is in Brooklyn and the adress will ben given upon succesful RSVP.



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