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20th edition of the Bicycle Film Festival features Dutch documentaries in LA & NYC editions

refugee women learn to cycle in short film Mama Agatha

@ Fadi Hindash

refugee women learn to cycle in short film Mama Agatha

@ Fadi Hindash

Tue, Apr 20 - Mon, May 31  2021

20th Anniversary of the Bicycle Film Festival

The 20th Anniversary of  the Bicycle Film Festival is going virtual.
 This festival has screened virtually in over 40 cities around the world 
and counting.

 The Bicycle Film Festival returns to Los Angeles – virtually, featuring Mama Agatha; a Dutch film by Fadi Hindash about a charismatic Ghanaian immigrant in Amsterdam who teaches refugee adult women to ride bikes. More information on “Mama Agatha” can also be found through this link.

Get your ticket to a BFF Select Shorts screening online! 

Available to stream now through April 25th. The BFF Los Angeles 90 minute short film program appeals to a wide audience from film connoisseurs to avid cyclists and everything in between. There are more festivals in different cities throughout the year! NYC Bike Month will be next!


A diverse curation of filmmaking styles: narratives, documentaries, international award-winning filmmakers, and emerging directors all share equal billing. These inspirational and high energy stories are told from those who choose cycling as a lifestyle from a wide range of places.

Furthermore the Dutch documentary TOGETHER WE CYCLE recently premiered virtually in a partnership with the Netherlands Embassy in D.C. Did you miss it? Another opportunity to watch this film will be during the New York premiere as part of BIKE MONTH NYC between May 14 – 31! This film investigates how the Netherlands became a cycling nation. A must-see for anyone who wants more cycling friendly communities. Read more about Bike Month NYC and the exclusive screening in partnership with Transportation Alternatives by following this link.

Click on this link for an overview for all festival dates and cities presenting a Bicycle Film Festival.

BFF Bike Month NYC (May)

Hosted by Transportation Alternatives and Bike New York
Premieres: May 14 at 600pm ET
Available to stream: May 14 – 31

A virtual New York documentary premiere and select short films curated by BFF preceding the feature length presentation.

TOGETHER WE CYCLE (feature film) by Arne Gielen and Gertjan Hulster, investigates the critical events that led to the revival of the Dutch cycling culture. For most people, cycling in the Netherlands, appears like a natural phenomenon. However, until the 1970s the development of mobility in the Netherlands followed trends across the globe. The bicycle had had its day, and the future belonged to the car. The only thing that had to be done was to adapt cities to the influx of cars. Then Dutch society took a different turn. Against all odds people kept on cycling. The answer to the question why this happened in the Netherlands, is not straight forward. There are many factors, events and circumstances that worked together, both socially and policy-wise. In Together we cycle, key players tell the story of the bumpy road which led to the current state. Where cycling is an obvious choice for most citizens.

About the Bicycle Film Festival:

Bicycle Film Festival has been celebrating bicycles through art, film and music the last 20 years. Founded in New York City in 2001, the physical BFF spanned the world in over 90 cities worldwide to an audience of over one million people. The festival has an incredible history of working with the most important artists, filmmakers, venues, and institutions around the world.

Brendt Barbur, Founding Festival Director, was compelled to start the Bicycle Film Festival when he was hit by a bus while riding his bike in New York City. He insisted on turning his negative experience into a positive one.

In 2001 Barbur started the Bicycle Film Festival as a platform to celebrate the bicycle through music, art and, of course film. The Bicycle Film Festival has been a major catalyst for the urban bike movement, one of the most powerful and culturally relevant forces of the last decade.

The BFF has held events in 90 cities worldwide to an accumulated audience of over 1 million people. The Bicycle Film Festival has been a major catalyst for the urban bike movement, one of the most powerful and culturally relevant forces of this decade.



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