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32 Acres – A soundwalk for the Los Angeles State Historic Park

Soundwalk 32 Acres by Marike Splint with 2 people and a dog in State Park

@ Craig Schwartz

(L to R) William Russ and Tammy Russ participate in “32 Acres,” a site site-specific soundwalk at Los Angeles State Historic Park July 14 through September 29, 2021. Media Contact: Photo by Craig Schwartz.

@ Craig Schwartz

Wed, Jul 14 - Fri, Dec 31  2021

Center Theatre Group  in association with UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television presents 32 ACRES

A soundwalk for the Los Angeles State Historic Park

As we begin to leave our homes again and venture into public space after a year of isolation, immersive Dutch artist and theatre maker, Marike Splint, invites the audience to rediscover how we relate to the city we inhabit, with the site-specific soundwalk 32 ACRES. The Los Angeles State Historic Park serves as the enigmatic canvas for a contemplative experience on the character of Los Angeles, its hidden histories and imagined futures, and the paradoxes of urban nature.

After downloading a custom-built app, and using your own mobile device and headphones, your location and movements in the park will conjure the sound and text you are hearing. Combining narrative, composition and sound recordings, audience members will be guided on a walk suggesting other ways of seeing and being in our immediate surroundings.

Presented by Center Theatre Group

In association with UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television

Created by Marike Splint in collaboration with

Jonathan Snipes – Original Music, Sound Design and Implementation

Stewart Blackwood – App Developer and Technical Sound Design

Tatum Anderson – Additional Sound Design and Implementation

Hana S. Kim – App User Interface and Visual Design

Website by David Rothbaum

About Marike Splint

Marike Splint is a Dutch French-Tunisian theatre maker based in Los Angeles, specializing in creating work in public space that explores the relationship between people, places and identity.

She has created performances in sites ranging from a bus driving through the streets of a city, to wide open meadows, taxicabs, train stations, beach piers, subways and the virtual map of Google Earth. Presenters and commissioners of her original work include La Jolla Playhouse, Center Theater Group, UCLA Center for the Art of Performance, Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State, Skirball Cultural Center LA, Metro Art and the Los Angeles Exchange Festival (USA); Oerol Festival, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Over het IJ Festival (The Netherlands); Festival Internacional de Buenos Aires (Argentina); Urbane Kuenste Ruhr (Germany); GeoAIR (Tbilisi, Georgia); Anciens Abattoirs de Casablanca (Morocco). She co-edited the book Tbilisi – It’s Complicated, composed of artistic accounts that critically reflect on recent urban and social changes in Georgia’s capital Tbilisi, and curated the 2014 edition of Winters Binnen Festival in Amsterdam, showcasing over 50 performances and concerts in site-specific venues across Amsterdam-Noord. She has been invited as a fellow to the Internationales Forum at the Theatertreffen (Berlin), and to the Rencontres Internationales at the Festival TransAmériques (Montreal).

Marike received her BA in philosophy from the University of Amsterdam and an MFA in directing from Columbia University. Among other awards, she is the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship, a National Performance Network Creation & Development grant, a Hellman Fellowship and a Columbia University Merit Fellowship. She was nominated as a finalist for the 2019 Center Theater Group Sherwood Award for exceptional contributions to the Los Angeles theatre landscape as innovative and adventurous artist. She serves as a faculty member in the Department of Theater at UCLA.

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